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Eliminate the doubt, fear and anxiety that holds you  from reaching your goal.

Discover empowerment, freedom, contentment and fiancial success that come from moving freely towards your goal.

Sometimes we find ourselves at a stop sign in the road of life and we need to make decisions. Life happens and that is a good thing because life is about change, growth and new directions, that is what ultimately leads to the fullest life possible. How exciting it is to find new choices, new ways of doing things and new perspectives that aid in our growth and road to a more fulfilling life! What happens when that is blocked by fear? What would your life be like without the fear?


“Everyone needs a coach to enhance awareness. Gerrie-Ellen provided that additional awareness and challenge perfectly for me. She was outstanding. Empathtetic, funny, compassionate and throughtful, she always had thought-provoking questions and was understanding, enthusiastic and encouraging. I would recommentd her to anyone, especially hgih energy, extroverted people who think and learn abstractly.”
Ashwini – Actuary, Chicago, Ill.

We all experience change in our lives, we all come to crossroads where we have to look at the direction we are taking in life and then, we need to make decisions. These crossroads are more difficult when riddled with anxiety.  Selecting a career, starting a family, recovering from an illness or divorce, finding a balance in your life, they all create stress. Often times, we are too close to the situation to see the many choices you have to make your life the very best it could be.

Do you have too much stress and anxiety to move forward?

Enter Coach Gerrie-Ellen Johnston

I will listen to you very carefully, provide you with clarification of your current life status, help you set intentions, help you develop strategies and plans to fulfill life goals. I will help you discover the balance in your life – family, career, spirituality, health. I will support you and cheer you on. Imagine having someone there just for you, to listen, probe, question, cheer and finally help you celebrate your successes. It is your life, you deserve the best for yourself, so you can be the best for others.

You can pick up the phone and speak to me in person if travelling is a problem. I have been there.

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